Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This Mother Pit Bull Rescue

This Mother Pit Bull

The Villalobos Rescue Center is the largest Pit Bull rescue center in the world. They work ceaselessly every day and night to give Pit Bulls a second chance at life. All dogs that are brought in are neutered or spayed and they are given any necessary medical treatment. They patiently work with scared and fearful dogs to re-acclimate them back into the care of people. Their end goal is to get each and every Pit Bull rescue adopted. Sometimes it is a very slow process, but the results they attain are absolutely wonderful.

In the following video, the Vallalobos rescue team finds and emaciated Pit Bull mother in New Orleans. The dog somehow instinctively knew that these people were hear to help. She approached them willingly and leads them back to where the puppies are. Things begin to get pretty complicated but the team doesn’t give up on reuniting the pups with their mama. This is such an emotional rescue and I am so happy that good people like this still exist in the world Read more

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