Friday, July 22, 2016

Watch A Scared, Homeless Pit Bull Receive Love For The First Time

It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness can transform a petrified pup into a playful pooch.
After Michele Claseri noticed a pit bull cowering by a Los Angeles freeway on his way to work, he contacted the rescue organization Hope For Paws to help seize the frightened dog he named Veyron. Claseri and the organization wanted to throw Veyron a bone, but the dog turned the rescue into a game of cat and mouse, as shown in the video above.
This particular highway is extremely busy and has many high and narrow areas surrounding it, making the capture of the canine dangerous for the dog and its human rescuers.
The group followed Veyron’s trail to a small strip of grass near an overpass on the freeway. At first they couldn’t even spot the scared dog. But finding him wasn’t the only major concern.
“I don’t know how we’re even going to get out of here once we have [him],” said one volunteer.
Thankfully, someone finally discovered Veyron hiding behind tall grass.
The rescue now had to be performed with extreme caution, as described in the video above. Any sudden movements could potentially spook the nervous dog, and the volunteers did not want Veyron to mistakenly fall into traffic.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pitbull owner faces murder charge after fatal dog mauling of 4-year-old

The owner of four pitbulls is facing a murder charge after his dogs mauled to death a 4-year-old boy in Detroit, Michigan.
Geneke Antonio Lyons, 41, was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter, and possessing dangerous animals causing death, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.
Lyons pleaded not guilty in court Monday and was remanded to jail.
The vicious attack occurred last week as the boy and his mother were walking together down the street. The dogs attacked the pair and dragged the child under a fence and into Lyons' backyard, where the boy was found lying on his back with "massive wounds," according to the prosecutor's office.

GRAPHIC: Pitbull Attack in Cleves

Warning: the following content is graphic, viewer discretion advised
A man was taking a walk, as he does every day in Cleves. Before he knew it, a pitbull had broken through a fence and began to charge him. He was unfortunately bitten, and suffered some pretty nasty wounds to his hand.
The worst part about this story is the photo below. You see that? Only a few hours later did a school let out, where children walked down that same street. The street where the man was attacked by the escaped pitbull. 
This was a grown man, injured badly. Could you imagine how much worse it would have been had another small child been attacked? 

This Pitbull Meets Two Ducklings and Does Something Unusual

It’s true that dogs are such friendly, caring, and gentle creatures, which is most probably why they are a man’s best friend. Whenever they sense their person is having a bad day, they go to them and keep them company, possibly as their way of showing comfort. They seem to have an instinct to protect almost any living being in the world, human or a fellow animal, for that matter.
Two little ducklings, Penguin and Popinjay, have no mother of their own. Thankfully for them, a dog by the name of Patty Cakes volunteered. Patty Cakes, a six-month-old pitbull who has been adopted from a shelter, has become an adoptive parent himself. The clip that you’re about to see will show you the unusual bond between a rescue dog and a pair of orphaned ducklings.
Watch the video below and look at how protective Patty Cakes is with his two “children”.

'Ban dangerous dog breeds' - pitbull attack on boy prompts call for action

The latest dog attack has prompted a top surgeon to call for dog owners to be better educated on how to handle their animals and for certain breeds to be banned.
Spate of dog attacks 'just the tip of the iceberg'
There are renewed calls for dog owners to be better educated on how to handle their dogs.There are renewed calls for dog owners to be better educated on how to handle their dogs.
Source: Breakfast

Friday, April 15, 2016

64 dogs seized in raid of suspected Quad Cities dog-fighting ring

Dog fighting picture
ROCK ISLAND — Sixty-four pit bulls, illegal drugs and a gun were seized Thursday during an investigation into a dog-fighting ring in the Quad Cities, authorities said.
The items were found during the execution of 11 search warrants — 10 in Rock Island, Illinois, and one in Davenport.
The investigation began about a year ago through information developed by Rock Island police and members of the FBI’s Quad-Cities Federal Gang Task Force, according to a Rock Island Police Statement.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Bolio was bred by Maurice Carver and Eddie Klaus in 1969. His sire was the famous pit ace Klaus’ Zeke and his dam was Klaus’ Goldie. Bolio’s pedigree is very heavy in the blood of a bitch named Carver’s Judy and her sister the great Carver’s Black Widow. In fact he carried fifty percent of this blood in his breeding.
Bennett Clayton of Texas bought Bolio from Carver and sent him to Floyd Boudreaux to be matched, he was hooked into a dog that had killed both of his previous opponents. This dog’s name was Rowdy. Bolio was contracted into Rowdy twice. The first time Floyd was not content with Bolio’s conditioning for the fight, he knew that Bolio must be perfect to fight a dog of this caliber. After Floyd paid the forfeit he set up a new match with Rowdy for the big night of a southern convention. This time Bolio was in great shape and when they hit, it was a real war. Bolio killed Rowdy in about two hours and was voted best in show! At this same convention, there were many champions being shown and among them was Davis’ Grand Champion Boomerang. I was not at this fight and I got my information from other dog men and the sporting dog magazines.
Sometime after the fight Bolio was sold to a fancier in southern California. The new owner of Bolio was not interested in matching him again, even though I felt he was the best 43 lb. dog alive at the time. He decided to use him as a stud dog and that was the best use for him.